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"I was able to put into words what I want to be able to achieve with my target languages, more than just I want to be fluent (what does fluent actually mean to me for my target language). It gives me a better idea on what to focus on going forward."
Evelina B.
Student of The Polyglot Project

Let's get you back on track!

In my experience, language learners ( like you) often face one or all of these challenges in their journey:

Balancing Studies & Life

You know what you want to achieve in theory, but trying to make it happen in practice is making you frustrated.
You see other people juggling multiple languages while also having a job, a life, hobbies, and yet you’re not sure how to make it work for you.

Getting Started

You are super excited to start or re-start your language studies, but when you start looking up resources… you immediately feel overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice on what you should and shoudn’t do.

It’s too much and you just want to know where to begin.

Staying Consistent

You’ve started your language studies but you just can’t seem to stick to the plan and keep up with it all. You’re worried you won’t actually achieve your study goals and you’re feeling discouraged.

"100% worth it. I had no idea how helpful a course on studying could be. Some of the mindset things Bront'e teaches have rippled out and affected other parts of how I live my life. I feel so much more directed and capable already, only partway through. I was even able to realize that my skills are higher than I thought before I started the program, which was a huge confidence boost!"
Amanda J.
Student of The Polyglot Project
“Before working with Bront’e, my language learning life was non-existent and scattered. I struggled to put plans in order of where to begin, and I wasn’t sure of how to continue my journey of learning Japanese. The program gave me more structure to finally get more consistent, and I’ve been able to put my habits into perspective to see what is working and what isn’t. I’ve been able to improve my reading skills, and understand more spoken Japanese in shows than I did before!”
Jeremy C.
Student of The Polyglot Project



I’m known by many as the go-to person for organizing your language studies and buiding a consistent study routine. I help language learners build systems and routine that will help them stay consistent for long-term growth and progress.

I used to struggle with my studies all the time. I downloaded all of the apps, and bookmarked all of the blogs, youtube channels, etc. And bought into a lot of resources, programs, and classes. It took me YEARS to realize what was missing from my own routine, and now I want to share that with other language learners.

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Don't take it from me!

here what my students have to say:

"Wow! Module 1 was the most intense module for me. I tend to squirm when making measurable goals, plans, tasks because my MO is just to have a vague idea of what language I want to work on and wing it. The most helpful thing I've learned so far is... all of it, really! The what-these-look-like examples of accountability anchors were really helpful along with the explanations sometimes of what kind of person they might work for."
Suzanne J.
Student of The Polyglot Project
"My biggest takeaway so far in TPP was to narrow my study habits down to tools that go great with my style of learning. I learned not to beat myself up and to have patience with myself as I learn my target languages. I also learned that it is okay to repeat and revise as much as needed."​
Dominique M.
Student of The Polyglot Project


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