Design Your Personalized Polyglot Routine!

Learn the step-by-step process for creating your very own study routine for learning multiple languages… so you can start USING what you learn in your day-today life.

How To Confidently Create Your Official Language Learning Plan

Confidently create your language learning schedule.

The Power Of a Strategic Study Plan

Creating a study plan is usually the first step that I walk all of my students and clients through when creating a long-term consistent routine for their studies.

After the clarity work, like identifying your Guiding Principles, this is what sets the tone for your entire study “system”.

So if you’ve even struggled to stick to your plans, or even create them on your own, hold on to you hats because I’m going to share everything you need to know about creating your very own language learning schedule with confidence

Let’s get started!

What Can You Expect From Your Study Plan?

In its simplest form, a plan is your roadmap for your overall study journey. This is what tells you what you plan to do and why you’ve even doing it in the first place.

The goal of the plan is to:

  • Clearly outline what we expect to achieve so we can easily see our progress.
  • Help us stick to our overall journey so we can make consistent progress.
  • Organize our resources and strategies clearly so we don’t get overwhelmed

So you want make sure you are really specific with what I like to call your “BIG Picture” vision for your and your expectations.

THIS is what’s going to help guide everything else you do in your studies moving forward, so take your time to get this all figured out before moving on.

And remember that this plan is not set in stone.

You can change it.

You can adjust it.

You can add in strategies, remove resources, and refine your process.

But ultimately, it needs to be a personalized plan that works for YOU.

How to Create Your Personalized Study Plan

1. Brainstorm your WHY for learning

This is your Guiding Principle! Figure out what your “BIG Picture” vision for your language studies is and how you see yourself using the languages you’re learning.

2. Decide what you need to focus on MOST right now.

Now that you know what you’re ultimately trying to achieve, the next step is deciding on your… well, next step. What is the thing you need to focus on right now to get closer to that vision?

You want this to a big goal, but still small enough to be doable without getting overwhelmed.

3. Set your Expectations

When working with my coaching clients, I usually recommend setting 3 levels of expectations for your studies: Good, Better, and Best.

This way, you know you’re still making progress if you’ve reached your level of “good”, but you’re not expecting every single day to be your “best” day. And that’s okay!

4. Choose your Study Strategies & Resources

Choose strategies that align with your Guiding Principles and your needs as a learner.

And remember to adjust those strategies as needed! If they aren’t working for you AND you don’t like them, get rid of it!

Otherwise, adjust and refine those strategies until they’re working for you. And don’t forget to choose resources that you’ll actually stick to, and will help you build the skills you’re trying to build.

The same rules apply: if it’s not working, don’t force yourself to use it.

5. Make your Outcomes Clear and Specific

When choosing your study strategies, make sure that the outcomes (what you expect to achieve each session) is super clear and specific.

This means you need to make it tangible (you can clearly tell when you’ve reached it or not), and targeted (it’s based on results, not actions). We focus on your actions when we’re building habits, not when we’re trying to achieve goals.

Want more support with creating your study schedule and plan?

If you are ready to take that next step and create a personalized study schedule that works for you, check out my course. In the B.E.T.A. Study Blueprint, I walk you through the entire process of creating your plan and schedule with confidence.

What is your Language Learning Super Power?

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